Who Are We
The Coalition of Concerned Black Christian Men (CCBCM) of Prince George's county Maryland is based in Fort Washington, Maryland and is a local 501(c) (3) non-profit organization.  The organization was co-founded in 1987 by the late Eugene Green and the late Isaac "Ike" Gourdine (Prince George's County Councilman of the 8th District) that was tragically killed in a car accident in 2002.  We are Christian men committed to project a positive image by making a difference in the community through positive actions by focusing on improving the quality of life for the disadvantaged residents of Prince George's County by providing spiritual, social, and economic support as well as providing tuition assistance to county youth looking to further their education by attending a college/university or some certificate based program.
What We Do
As a charitable organization, we measure our success through the number of students receiving scholarships and the number of county residents that we are able to either help improve their current situation, achieve future goals, or assist in the many needs that they may have.  The CCBCM has awarded $512,000 dollars in scholarships to (576) deserving students and provided $143,260 dollars in food, toys, donations to include COVID-19 support and assistance to famiiles in need of assistance through our community outreach program. Though the CCBCM is few in numbers, we are highly committed to our mission and thanks to the generosity of the many supporters like you that have been able to provide either financial donations or volunteer their time we have been able to help many county residents in their time of need.  With your help we can continue to make a difference.  Please click here to view how you can help us help others in our county!
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